Android 12 Beta Version Brings New Features
July 27, 2021
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by Stephen Kanyi

Android 12 beta is the newest in town, bringing the latest features and improvements to the existing one. This is considered one of the biggest milestones to Android OS development that has brought it closer to a stable build in recent years.

Even though users are a few days away from getting the final build, they are already experiencing the Android 12 via the beta development. Google’s main goal is to develop the OS for upcoming smartphones and tablets. The focus is on UI elements, privacy and security updates summing up to new cool features on the devices. The stable version is expected sometime later in the year, as Google is planning a total of eight releases of android 12.

Android 12 Beta 3 New features

Android 12 OS will be an exciting change for TVs and other devices as the beta version update with cool features have left users eagerly waiting.

 Firstly, The Scrolling Screenshot feature that was yet to be implemented by Google is now set to be included. The feature is live on Beta 3, and it works based on views. Whenever a screenshot is taken, the user will be able to see a “capture more” option in the screenshot preview on the phone. The screenshot can then be cropped when tapped by the user. It can also expand on the entire screen with a crop feature for the area required.

Also, the auto-rotate feature on the other hand is getting an upgrade for the better. Android 12 is set to combine gyro-sensors with facial recognition so that it can accurately determine when the screen is to be rotated. The pictures captured while using the feature will be processed in the phone’s private Computer Core, eradicating any security concerns.

In addition, the wallpaper and design app includes a new feature “themed Icons” toggle. This feature when enabled, will align the app icons with the system theme allowing for future changes. According to XDA, the toggle icons were hidden in Beta 2 but bringing them in the beta 3 version resulted in delays in development. XDA also reported that a new feature to improve the media player was set to be added, “Show media recommendations has also been included”. Being integrated into the upcoming “Live Space” feature it was yet to be live.

 Another feature expected is On-device search. Google is set to bring a platform that supports App search on a new device search engine, enhancing efficiency. Further, App search is to make users work easier by enabling one to easily obtain a file sent by either WhatsApp or Gmail. “Apps will search and index structured data with search capabilities that are built in with latest features like multi-language support, indexing and retrieval and relevancy ranking,” said Google via a blog post.

Furthermore, Game Dashboard is another feature added to Android 12. Although it is not live yet, it has undergone serious updates and improvements. This feature will allow users to enhance a live stream via YouTube Live and also commence a screen recording and toggle Do Not Disturb Mode on the FPS counter. Also, storage settings will be able to show your phone’s storage capacity and its state at that point in time.

Being one of the many proud Android users, I have to say that am bracing myself for the anticipated changes that will see improvement in accessing Android services.

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