Microsoft Acquires Cybersecurity Firm RiskIQ
July 27, 2021
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by Stephen Kanyi

Microsoft has agreed to takeover cybersecurity firm RiskIQ including their malware and spyware monitoring services. The cybersecurity firm is based in San Fransico and was seen as a leader in worldwide threat intelligence and attack surface.

Today, Microsoft announce to have entered into a mutual agreement with RiskIQ to acquire it. It plays a leading role in global attack surface and threat intelligence, hence will help our esteemed customer view global threats in their business in a wider picture and therefore build a world-class threat intelligence,” said Eric Doerr the Microsoft VP for cloud security in a blog post on Monday when announcing the deal.

RiskIQ is set to join Microsoft cloud-native security products which include Microsoft Azure Defender and Microsoft Azure Sentinel. By using machine learning applications, RiskIQ is able to analyze the intelligence threats, “attacks, tools and systems, and indicators to detect and neutralize the attacks very fast,” Mr Doer said in an interview. Despite not revealing the terms of the deal, it is reported that Microsoft paid more than $500 million in cash.

Improved Cloud Protection

To clarify the importance of the acquisition, Doer said that it will help improve protection for the organization running applications and infrastructure in many clouds. “Helps customers know the security of their whole enterprise attack surface in AWS, Microsoft Cloud among other clouds”. Being found in 2009 and as a member of CSA which is Cloud Security Council, RiskIQ lists ServiceNow, Splunk and ElastiFlow to be among her partners. Microsoft will go on supporting, nurturing and growing RIskIQ’s partner channel”, said Doer.

Co-founder and CEO of RiskIQ Elias Manousos proudly stated that “am thrilled to include RiskIQ to the Microsoft portfolio which will extend and accelerate our impact.”  In his own words, Manousos said “The community has grown to approximately 100000 security professionals. We will continue to develop in growth and work with the members of interlock partner Program so that we can extend and increase our impact to help fulfil our mission”. According to Crunchbase RiskIQ had raised an estimated sum of $83 million from Georgian, Summitt Partners, MassMutual, Battery Ventures and National Grid Partners before the Microsoft acquisition.

This, however, is good for the cybersecurity firm as it will foster growth and expansion in the coming years. Microsoft being an established company with and large financial base will steer the growth of RiskIQ ensuring a wider customer audience. This will help improve protection from business threats and insecurities.

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