Samsung Cloud Shutdown: End of an Era
August 2, 2021
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by Stephen Kanyi

It’s been five years since the launch of Samsung Cloud. Like most tech companies, the world number one global smartphone vendor figured that cloud service for its millions of users would be a great idea.

Fast forward to 2021 and the bet didn’t pan out as expected. The company previously announced that it will discontinue the service before Q4 2021, which meant August 31 2021. Now the company is giving users three more months to transfer their data to other services, specifically Microsoft One Drive.

This date applies to users of both Group 1 (US, UK, Australia and Much of Europe) and Group 2 (Africa, Middle East and Much of Asia).

It is possible that the company realized that users weren’t transferring data at the expected rate and so extended the deadline so as not to inconvenience them. The date which has now been moved to November 31st is expected to be the last extension after which the service will no longer be supported. All the data in Samsung Cloud Servers will be deleted while customers with a premium subscription will have their plans cancelled and be refunded.

Way Forward

As mentioned earlier, users will have to transfer their data to other services. Samsung is relying heavily on Microsoft One Drive and has made it very easy for its users to transfer their data to One Drive on the app. One Drive offers much more space; 20 GB as compared to Samsung’s 5 GB.

This expanded OneDrive storage offer will however last for only a year. After that, users will have to pay for OneDrive service or transfer their data to an external drive, a portable SSD or find an alternative cloud service provider.

This preference for Microsoft comes as no surprise, it is an indication of the level of cooperation between the two tech giants which has been going on for some years now. Samsung Galaxy phones, for instance, come with pre-installed Windows Apps.

Microsoft will be grateful for this opportunity as they look to re-enter the smartphone industry, especially after the failure of its Windows Phone unit.

Users who may not prefer One Drive can alternatively download their data on a mobile or PC device. They can then upload these data on a service of their choice.

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