Welcome to Yousuite Version 1.1.0
February 22, 2021
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by Stephen Kanyi

By Stephen Kanyi

Apps for everything! That’s where we are heading. In fact, we are already there. I’m sure you are no stranger to the avalanche of apps in the market, your home screen is probably full of them. The average person keeps about 80 apps on their phones but uses only 9 of them regularly.

But is this what we want? Can’t we just have a few apps to provide solutions for everything? Well, this is what Youpal Group had in mind when they developed Yousuite. A platform for the modern business, to help them integrate all the tools necessary for the digital office.

Instead of several small apps to handle all the different tasks in the office, Yousuite attempts to create a one stop shop for the modern business.

With the new update to Yousuite V1.1.0, the platform integrates more tools to make it smoother, easier to use and also visually appealing. Businesses already using Yousuite will get a smoother experience as they toggle between the different tools.

With a lot of customisable options, Version 1.1.0 is an appropriate answer to users who demanded a more visually appealing framework. Upon logging in, you’ll notice the striking background, with a blend of different shades of purple and contrasting colours so that every icon can stand out more.

The fine print

The dashboard is designed to be a colourful, feature-rich and functional gateway to a plethora of tools at your disposal. While it retains the practicality of Version 1.0.0 with a deck for your important mail, upcoming events and the weather, Version 1.1.0 has the option of customisation so that you are not restricted to those options alone.

The update largely preserves all the important tools that made version 1.0.0 so great.

  • ‘Files’ – to help you and your team securely store and share important files including audio and video
  • Mail’ – integrates all your various email accounts so that you are always in touch
  • Contacts’ –  stores all your contact information in one place for easy access by any team member
  • ‘Circles’ – helps you connect with likeminded people in your organisation
  • Calendar – acts like Google Calendar, only more colourful and more interactive
  • Decks – Yousuite’s representation of Kanban boards to help teams self-manage their workflow.
  • Polls – get opinions on various important important issues in your organisation
  • Passwords –  helps you store and even share the dozens of passwords to various websites and accounts
  •  Meeting – Set up or join a secure meeting at any time.

What else is new?

‘Sales Pipe’

Yousuite Product owner Alexandra Asanin explains “Tracking sales reps activity is essential for increasing business revenue. A well-managed sales pipeline gives you an overview of how close you are to closing a deal. Yousuite easily create stages and deals, assignments for sales reps and tracks their progress. You can also add custom labels to be able to call for attention or filter only specific deals. At the top of each stage column, you can see the total number of deals and their aggregated value. Tag your peers in comments, attach documents, add deadlines…”

With this new tool, the sales process is made easier. Once you identify your prospective buyers, you can track the progress of each sale and make sure you close it before you lose them.

Verdict : Version 1.1.0 is a significant upgrade, which is just going to help businesses glide through their everyday processes.

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