A First Time for Everything
February 10, 2021
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by Arabella Seebaluck
by Karl Leahlander

There is a first time for everything.
Your first step, your first smile… your first time tying your shoe, your first day in school, your first kiss or even your first love.
We all share this. We all experience things for the first time.
For you it is the first time you read my column and I am pretty sure this is the first time I ever wrote one. It is at least the first time I write one for the online magazine Uteckie.com. The importance of this is also that it’s my first opportunity to introduce you to and welcome you to Youpal world.
We had to coin our own expression to define ourselves. This is what has led us to describe our endeavour as a Digital Infrastructure company. I have learned over the years that one is never alone with great and unique ideas. Unity is forged in the ambition and endurance to see things through. The will to take a thought, an idea and really drive it up the hill. The stamina to push even if everyone tells you that it is impossible, the perseverance to see it through without quitting even if your back is against the wall.
I know I get off topic but I do that when I have the possibility to explain things I find exciting. As a Digital Infrastructure company, we are the simplest of beings. We have built a foundation on our very own cloud and on top of this, we have an applications deck which span across different verticals. In each vertical we have at least one common solution and on top of that a unique solution that really make us stand out. The easiest way to picture this is like if we had the opportunity to buy some land and build our own city our country. We decided that we needed to own the city infrastructure, the harbour, the railway and the roads. All that represent our cloud infrastructure.
Moreover, have built a lot of empty buildings to serve and create job opportunities. These are hospital buildings, school buildings and the biggest possible industry complex we could build. This represents our virtual hospitals with telemedicine solutions & remote patient monitoring solutions, the virtual school based on our LMS and with a unique solution on top. However, if we had all these empty buildings with no people that could work in them, then they would be useless. This is why we have created a unique automated resource allocation solution filled with talented people ready to work.
All of the above puts us a very unique position. The one who gets it will pretty quickly understand that we can and want to serve as many industries and verticals with unique solutions. That’s why we have our own innovation centre. Like a government with a mandate to envisage the future, we have built our innovation around data, graph databases, intelligence layers, AI and ethnographic feedback to receive thick data (if it’s the first time you hear this, Google it!). We are unique, we are in a position to challenge the bigger companies who have decided are all about strategies. Our focus is not to add more problems to our clients and dictate future possibilities. We are different in that we are enablers, both tactical and technical. Our role and purpose is not to dictate, but to solve and serve.

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