Drupal Seeks Out African Developers
April 12, 2021
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by Stephen Kanyi

April 15th marks the 8th event of the annual Drupal Fest currently taking place from April 1st. Hosted by CMS Africa who are also partnered with Google, the event is inviting developers from across the continent to help “contribute to the core” of popular open source CMSes such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, TYPO3 and others. 

What are CMSes?

A content management system (CMS) helps you when building a website so that you do not have to write all the code from scratch or even know how to code at all. CMS like WordPress provides you with most of the vital infrastructure so that you only have to add content without necessarily having to write HTML code, for instance, to upload it to your server.

Like other software, CMSes need to be updated regularly, especially since their cores were developed before technologies such as Apple News, social scheduling, Native Email Integrations and Instant Circles were invented.

CMS Africa, partnered with Google, are thus calling for developers from across the continent to improve the core infrastructure of these popular CMSes and thus contribute to the overall stability of websites on the internet.

Areas looking to be improved include:

Scalability – Can you help create a stable core that can enable websites withstand a spike in the number of visitors without experiencing failures.

API – Driven or Decoupled CMS – While the direction CMSes will take (whether API or Decoupled) is not certain what is for sure is that we may need a complete overhaul of the traditional API-Driven CMSes.

Security – A strong security is central to any website infrastructure. With increasing threats CMSes will need an updated core that will ensure an iron-clad security.


Speakers from CMS Africa and Google will be there to expound on these key development areas. Coupled with open source CMSes and regular meetups where you can also share your ideas, the event promises to be one of the most interactive in recent years.

Moreover, CMS Africa and Google are prepared to support developers working on the project. This includes providing books, courses, software and any other related expenses associated to the project.

And finally, developers will get the chance to showcase their projects at the annual CMS Africa Summit 2021 to be held in Nairobi Kenya. These select projects will be the best from the lot of ideas presented during the CMS Africa event.

Apply today and get the chance to expand your knowledge on CMSes and also join the community helping to make the internet safer and more stable for everyone.

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