Annapurna Interactive and Fullbright announce Open Roads, a mother-daughter road trip game
December 11, 2020
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Annapurna Interactive and The Fullbright Company are going on a road trip. And they’re taking actors Kerri Russell and Kaitlyn Dever along for the ride.

At The Game Awards today, Annapurna and Fullbright announced Open Roads. It’s a PC and console game for 2021 that focused on the relationship between a mother and a daughter on a road trip in the Upper Midwest of the United States. Russell is the voice of Opal Devine, the mother; and Dever portrays 16-year-old Tess Devine. They’ll be visiting a set of old family properties, and they’ll be uncovering a mystery along the way (and, of course, learning about each other and fixing their fraught relationship).

Sadly, this all starts after Grandma dies.

Annapurna and Fullbright have both built reputations for thoughtful indie games. Annapurna has published a number of indie hits such as Kentucky Route Zero, Outer Wilds, Telling Lies, and Sayonara Wild Hearts. Fullbright made its reputation with Gone Home. All of these games are known for their compelling stories and/or intriguing artstyles.

And according to Annapurna, Open Roads will continue this artsy tradition with a style that melds “detailed first-person environments with beautifully hand-animated characters, bringing the adventure to life.” Open Roads has what the publisher claims is a “unique and engaging interactive dialogue system.”

Russell is a Golden Globe award-winner known for her roles in TV series and films such as The Americans and Waitress. Dever is a Golden Globe-nominated actor and stars in Booksmart and Unbelievable.

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