Apple’s next macOS Big Sur update should make iPad apps look less awkward on the Mac
February 3, 2021
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aApple just yesterday released its latest update for macOS Big Sur with improved Bluetooth reliability and a handful of bug fixes. And today, it’s rolling out the first beta of macOS Big Sur 11.3, which will bring further refinements to Safari, Reminders, Apple Music, Apple News, and other apps. This update will also try to improve the experience of running iPhone and iPad apps on M1 Macs, which can still be a little awkward at this early stage (and without a touchscreen display).

iPadOS apps will now appear larger than before — if your screen size allows for it — and beta testers will find a new preference pane for iPhone and iPad apps that’ll let them better personalize the “touch alternatives” keyboard commands. Touch alternatives allow for “keyboard alternatives for tap, swipe, and drag gestures, and enables multi-finger gestures using the option key and a trackpad.”

Big Sur 11.3 will make Safari’s start page more customizable, letting you rearrange the different sections (favorites, Reading List, Siri suggestions, etc.) to your own liking. Developers will gain the ability to make extensions that run on the new tab page, and they can also take advantage of a new web speech API to integrate speech recognition on their web pages.

As for the Reminders app, you’ll be able to sort your reminders based on title, due date, priority, or creation date. And with this update, Apple will let you easily print your reminders if a paper copy might prove helpful when running to the store or completing other tasks.

Apple Music gets small tweaks like a shortcut to your “Made for You” personalized playlists and mixes. Live and upcoming special events will be highlighted in the For You tab, as well. The Apple News app is undergoing some design improvements in the Apple News Plus tab to make your magazines and newspapers easier to reach (and download).

And like the upcoming iOS 14.5 update, macOS Big Sur 11.3 adds support for the latest Xbox and PlayStation DualSense controllers; the same compatibility is coming to Apple’s mobile devices as part of iOS 14.5.

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