Apple’s ‘One More Thing’ event: rumors, news, and announcements
November 9, 2020
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Don’t let the name fool you: Apple’s “One More Thing” hardware event on Tuesday, November 10th, is likely more than just an add-on to October’s iPhone 12 announcements. The event is set to be the launch of the first of Apple’s promised Arm-based computers, marking the start of the company’s separation from longtime partner Intel and the first time Apple-designed silicon will appear in Macs outside of T2 security chips.

The move was announced back at WWDC, and alongside a (hopefully) smooth transition, Apple promises improvements in performance and battery life from the new, still unnamed chip. Aiding the transition is Rosetta 2, a new version of the emulator that Apple used during its last processor transition from PowerPC to Intel. Rosetta 2 should allow you to run emulated versions of your old macOS apps on the company’s new Arm-based products when it ships with macOS Big Sur.

Big Sur (macOS 11.0) should also receive a final release date. The operating system will arrive with a new visual design that lifts a lot of elements from iOS 14 and a lot of features, too, like updated iMessage and Maps applications, widgets, and the Control Center interface. There’s also the possibility of other long-rumored products to finally appear — from AirTags to an updated version of the Apple TV 4K from way back in 2017. However this event shakes out, you can keep up with all of the news and announcements right here.

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