Gotrax Xr Elite: An Electric Scooter with Kick
November 29, 2020
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From college campuses and workplaces to around town, electric scooters are gaining in popularity across the country. I’ve been eager to try one out so I started with the Gotrax Xr Elite Electric Scooter because this brand has been making a wide range of electric scooters for some time. Here’s my review.

About the Electric Scooter

Available in black only, the Gotrax Xr electric scooter is a low-priced model. It is foldable and has a large deck to stand on. There is an anti-slip material that is cushioned and helps keep me in place while riding.

The electric scooter has a smart display that is easy to read while riding. It is where you control the headlights as well as access cruise control, see the speedometer, and check on battery life.

There are also fairly large tires, an upgraded kickstand, powered LED taillights that activate when the scooter is on, and six retro-reflectors for good visibility at night-time.

It goes about 18 miles before needing to be charged again. The battery also has protection from overcharging, over-discharging, temperature, short-circuiting, open circuiting, and over-current. The most weight it can take is about 220 pounds.

What I Like and What Could Be Better

For the price, it offers good ride quality, durability, and range for a budget-friendly price. The top speed of 15mph isn’t too bad, either. This speed comes from the upgraded 300W motor.

It doesn’t weigh much, making it easy to take with me in the car to enjoy it at the park or beach. The folding mechanism is easy to use. Overall, the scooter also has a good waterproof rating.

The electric scooter did fairly well at acceleration and hill climbs. Since it’s a budget model, I didn’t expect much here as I was mostly interested in taking it on flat surfaces around the neighborhood. The front and rear brakes also work well. It features disc braking and anti-lock electrical braking for responsive braking. Also, I am a big fan of the bell on it, too.

They have a U.S.-based customer support team where I got fast, friendly and educated service.

On the downside, there is some vibration on rougher roads, but again my expectations weren’t high, knowing I had selected an entry-level price scooter. The brakes also take some getting used to, but after practicing on the scooter a few times this was much better.

Where to Buy

The electric scooter costs $399. It comes with a three-month warranty, free shipping, a thirty-day return policy, and is available on the company’s website.

Overall Thoughts

The Gotrax Xr Elite is a budget-friendly electric scooter that is a good starter model. It has long-range and is durable enough to use every day. If you are looking for more features and technology, I’d recommend going with one of the more expensive electric scooter models.

Currently, their website shows they are sold out because this is one of their most popular models, but they also note they will soon have more. This is a great gift for the commuter or college student!

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