One more event, one more thing: Apple will hold another event on November 10
November 2, 2020
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The splash image for Apple's November 10, 2020 "One More Thing" event.
Enlarge / The splash image for Apple’s November 10, 2020 “One More Thing” event.

Apple sent out notice today to members of the press that it will hold yet another livestreamed product unveiling event this year—this time on November 10 at 1pm Eastern time. This will be the company’s third such event since September.

As always, Apple attached a tagline to the event: “one more thing.” That’s a callback to former CEO Steve Jobs’ technique of saving a bombshell announcement for the end of the event and preceding it with a slide (or simply a statement) declaring “one more thing.”

That “one more thing” is almost certain to be the first of a wave of Apple Silicon-based Macs. The company announced at its developer conference back in June that it would reveal the first such product by the end of the year, after detailing its plans to gradually move Macs from Intel CPUs to its own custom-designed, ARM-based ones over the course of several years.

The Mac focus appears all but confirmed by the AR experience Apple released to promote the event (it has released these for a few events running, now) that shows an Apple logo folding up like a MacBook lid. As the lid-like logo moves up, it casts light on the ground that contains all the colors of the default macOS Big Sur desktop image.

It’s completely unknown at this point which Mac will be the first to make the leap and whether it will replace its Intel counterpart (if such a counterpart already exists) or live alongside it for months or years to come.

Other potential product announcements include AirPods Studio over-ear headphones and AirTags, the company’s long-rumored and long-delayed geolocation devices. That said, the “one more thing” title and the fact that the company tends to have events primarily focused on one market segment at a time suggest this event may only be about the Mac.

Whatever the case, we’ll find out in just over a week.

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