Spelunky 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch
December 15, 2020
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Developer Mossmouth is releasing Spelunky and Spelunky 2 on Nintendo Switch. The games are coming this summer to Nintendo’s hybrid home/handheld console. This is a big move for Spelunky, because Switch is an important platform for the success of indie games. Mossmouth and Nintendo announced the release during today’s Indie World Showcase.

Spelunky 2 launched September 15 for PlayStation 4, and it is now also available on PC. But many fans were hoping the game would also come to Switch because the original Spelunky was excellent on the PlayStation Vita handheld. Now, fans can re-create that experience on the Switch as both games hit the device.

Mossmouth is working with Spanish developer BlitWorks to port the game to Switch. BlitWorks has done similar work on games like Fez, Super Meat Boy, and Bastion. It has also previously worked with Mossmouth on ports of the original Spelunky.

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