Stadia’s biggest (timed) exclusive won’t be exclusive anymore
January 28, 2021
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Crayta’s timed Stadia exclusivity is coming to an end soon, with developer Unit 2 Games confirming that the title will be making its way to PC “very soon.” Originally announced as a “First on Stadia” timed exclusive, Crayta’s jump to other platforms was always more a question of “when” rather than “if,” but the announcement marks the first official indication of the regular PC port.

The news — originally spotted by 9to5Google, citing a tweet from Twitter user @Yogarine — comes from an announcement by Unit 2 Games in the game’s Discord chat. The company promises that it’ll have more information (including a launch date and the digital storefront where Craya will be offered) in the coming weeks, but it does promise that it’s “still every bit as committed to Stadia as we’ve always been.” The new PC version will also offer full crossplay with the Stadia version of Craya.

A Minecraft-style game creation game that’s built on Unreal Engine, Craya’s standout feature (aside from the rare status of a Stadia-exclusive title) was as one of the first games to adopt Stadia’s State Share technology, which (in theory) promised that any Stadia player could join a Craya world simply by clicking on a link. It’s a feature that’ll likely stay exclusive to the Stadia version of the game even after the PC port launches, given its reliance on Google’s streaming tech to pull off.

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