These free JavaScript for beginners videos from Microsoft are aimed at new developers
October 8, 2020
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Microsoft’s Introduction to JavaScript video series will equip users with the basic skills to start building apps with the popular programming language.


Microsoft’s 51-part video course will teach programmers the basics of JavaScript

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Microsoft has launched a free online video series to help budding programmers get to grips with the JavaScript programming language.

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The 51-part Beginner’s Series: Introduction to JavaScript course, which is available on YouTube, is designed to introduce novice programmers to basic JavaScript concepts and equip them with the skills they need to start putting together basic web applications.

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Over the course of the series, programmers work through tutorials focused on frameworks and software development kits (SDKs) using JavaScript. They’ll be taught how to set up a developer environment with Microsoft Visual Studio Code, as well as installing Node.js as a JavaScript runtime.

Eventually, users will be guided through the process of building their own ‘Hello World’ app. From there, Microsoft is offering further tools for users to continue developing their skills, including tutorials for creating bots using the Bot Framework SDK for JavaScript.

“At the beginning of the course, we’ll also introduce (some of) the many places you can run JavaScript, including the browser and on the server with Node.js,” said Microsoft.

“While the focus of the course will be primarily on using Node.js as the environment for execution, most of the videos will present concepts and syntax which work in the browser as well.”

A basic understanding of programming is beneficial, Microsoft said, although no experience in using JavaScript is required. 

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The JavaScript video series follows on from Microsoft’s 44-part Python for Beginner’s course launched in September.

Now 25 years old, JavaScript remains the
number one programming language

for building browser-based applications, and is increasingly used for writing server-side code, building desktop and mobile applications, as well as for programming microcontrollers.

Numerous frameworks, SDKs, and APIs are built using JavaScript, including Microsoft’s own Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Bot Framework, through which users can deploy
artificial intelligence

capabilities into their apps.

“In short, JavaScript has become ubiquitous, and almost every developer would benefit from knowing it,” said Microsoft.

Beginner’s Series: Introduction to JavaScript will help you gain the necessary background you’ll need to get started on your journey with JavaScript.”

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