Biggest Tech Trends for 2022
February 14, 2022
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by Stephen Kanyi

Predicting the future, as they say, is a fool’s errand. No sector is this statement truer than technology. There is simply no way of predicting what will take off. The internet for instance in its first days was seen as just a nerdy fad that was meant for the office. Today it is virtually impossible to live without it. The same can be said about social media and hell, even the smartphone (just ask Nokia).

So why, I hear you ask, am I asking you to read through this piece of me trying to do what I have just said is impossible? Well, maybe I just wanted to grab your attention with a catchy headline for some precious google Adsense dollars. Don’t judge me, I am a writer, I have to eke a living from my work somehow. But it doesn’t mean that I have nothing valuable to say. I am, after all, a seasoned writer and I stay on top of all trends, not just tech. So who best to attempt to do the impossible of trying to predict the future for you than me?

However, I am not going to just spill out points like some tech clairvoyant, rather I am going to use events in 2021 to try to point you to trends in technology that have been emerging since last year.

Here is my two cents on the future of technology in 2022:

The Metaverse Finally Getting Built

I have talked a lot about the metaverse already this year and much of it has been quite negative. Meta the company spearheading the move to the metaverse has been performing poorly, the product is unfinished if not inexistent while profits and stock prices are down.

Yet there still remains some hope, perhaps some a dose of realism after the hype has finally died down. Now the real work in building the metaverse begins. However, this time it will not be Meta that will be spearheading this great revolution, rather it will be unheard of before startups and other companies on the fringe of this technology that will lead the revolution into the metaverse.

Microsoft is a good example, while never having before delved into the metaverse, their plans to buy gaming company AcTivision may indicate their intentions to get into the metaverse.

In 2022 we will see big leaps in the metaverse. The horses will separate themselves from the pack and define what the metaverse will look like in the coming years. I however advise cautious optimism as metaverse technology is still in its infancy. There is still a lot to be done.

Guido Groet who is the chief strategy officer at Luxexcel predicts that 2022 will see a number of numerous VR/AR devices announced.

“Many companies will use this year to prepare for the market introduction of their first consumer product. 2023 will result in a start of small series production followed by a volume production the following year, “ he said talking on Fast Company.

The truth is no one, not even Zuckerberg knows when the technology will be ready or even where it is leading us to but it will be sure exciting to see in 2022.

Antitrust in Tech

Antitrust cases have been one of the major themes last year as big tech firms face an onslaught of antitrust cases from authorities all over the world. Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple are all facing antitrust cases over the control each has over their respective markets.

Apple, which manufactures premium phones, tablets, laptops and watches while also owing control of the iPhone its operating system and the App store has been accused of abusing its control over its mobile devices to stifle innovation, harm competition and inflate prices.

Google on the other hand is so dominant in search that it is literally synonymous with the internet at this point. And that is not good for competition according to lawmakers from virtually every state in the US as well as the Department of Justice as well as the attorney general.

Meta’s (formerly Facebook) dominance of the ads business is not news to anybody in this space. It has been the target of antitrust for years with lawmakers aiming to break up Meta into separate companies, a feat that will not be easy to achieve.

Amazon dominance of the e-commerce world has also put a mark on its back with complaints and antitrust lawsuits in the US and abroad.

And now even Microsoft which had successfully managed to avoid scrutiny from the government for the better part of the century is now facing criticism due to its plan to acquire gaming company AcTivision. The $70 billion will make Microsoft the third-largest player in the gaming industry.

Web3 and Blockchain

“2022 will officially end the debate over whether blockchain and Web3 is a meaningful pillar for the future of technology,” says Shawn Carolan, partner at Menlo Ventures. And she is right, with the increasing adoption and acceptance of Web3 and blockchain in society the efficacy of these two technologies is going to be tested.

Kit Colbert CTO at VMware also predicts that “we’ll see even broader enterprise blockchain adoption in the financial services industry and in supply chain use cases, and we’ll see the first financial institutions go into production on blockchain technology. Also look for decentralized finance (DeFi) paradigms to make their way into mainstream enterprises: Enterprise tokens will emerge as the medium for payment in next-generation B2C networks, and central bank digital currencies will gain momentum.

2022 is going to see the rise of emergent technologies like Web3, blockchain and the metaverse while also curbing the growth of big tech via antitrust.

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