How Telehealth Can Help Achieve Universal Healthcare
July 6, 2022

At least half of the global population do not receive adequate healthcare. Most of these live in the developing worl...

How Telehealth Can Help Cover the Healthcare Gap in Africa
February 25, 2022

Growing up in the lower suburbs of Nairobi I always wondered why people went to hospitals. I always thought that my par...

AstraZeneca Vaccine Shots Suspended In 12 Countries After Reports of Blood Clots
March 22, 2021

12 countries including Denmark, Norway, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain have suspended the use of AstraZeneca’s Cov...

COVID-19 Vaccines and Variants: What’s Next?
March 22, 2021

Vaccine inoculations have started across the world for COVID-19, but new variants which have spread across the world ha...

Telemedicine Supporting COVID-19 Management
March 22, 2021

Well before the COVID vaccines and the parallel theories around them stirred a frenzy in the world, there were a growin...

What Does Vaccination Data Tell Us?
March 15, 2021

With Covid-19 vaccinations being rolled out in most parts of the world, vaccine data has shown some interesting trends....

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