7 Best Cyber Monday Camera and Accessory Deals: SD cards, Mirrorless, and More
November 29, 2020
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We prefer the square format of the SP-3, but if you want the rectangular prints, the Instax Share SP-2 printer is on sale for $80 ($20 off).

Sony A7RII

Photograph: Sony

Sony A7RII Full Frame Mirrorless Camera for $1,200 ($100 off)

Amazon, B&H Photo (With Memory Card and Camera Bag), Adorama (With TTL Flash)

Want to really step up your photo game? Go with a full-frame sensor. I was hoping this would be the year the A7RII dropped below $1,000, but it didn’t. This is still a good deal, though. It’s two models old, but the A7RII remains one of my favorite full-frame cameras. The 42-megapixel sensor produces stunningly sharp images with excellent dynamic range.

The newer A7RIII has some speed and metering improvements but still uses the same resolution sensor and, in my view, is only worth it if you need faster autofocus. If the price is no concern, you can skip right over to the latest A7RIV and its 60-megapixel sensor. It’s on sale for $2,998 ($500 off).

Photograph: Moment 

Moment Drone Anamorphic Lens for $100 ($80 off)


For photographers, drones are really flying cameras. Nothing will improve your drone footage as much as this anamorphic lens from Moment. Like the phone lenses above, this one clips onto the existing lens in your Mavic 2 Pro. Unlike with the phone, it’s kind of a pain to use due to the way DJI’s Mavic works, but it’s totally worth it, because the results are stunning.

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