Among Us comes to Nintendo Switch
December 15, 2020
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Nintendo announced that Among Us is coming to Switch later today during its Indie World Showcase event.

Among Us debuted in 2018 for mobile and PC. This year, however, it became a giant hit thanks to people playing more games during the pandemic and looking for social experiences. The game has a group of players trying to complete tasks while one is secretly a murderous saboteur. It’s up to the non-murderers to figure out who the imposter is.

This is the game’s first release for a console. It will feature cross-play support with other platforms.

Earlier this year, developer Innersloth was working on a full sequel. When the original Among Us became a huge hit, however, it cancelled Among Us 2 so that it can focus on the first game (and it’s giant base of players). Among Us has become such a hit that it is beginning to attract imitators, with even Fortnite trying to distill its essence into a new experience.

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