August Home WiFi Smart Lock: Powerfully Secure Door Lock
November 15, 2020
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August Home has produced smart locks for doors for many years, and now it is introducing its latest model, the WiFi Smart Lock. The August Home locks are known for a retrofit design that makes them easy to install, and this new model is just the same.

Priced at $249.99 for the lock or $309.99 for the lock and keypad or $284.99 for the lock and deadbolt, the latest smart lock tops the price point for these types of locks. However, the quality, features, installation, and design may make the smart lock well worth the investment. Here’s my review.

Smart Lock Features

As the fourth-generation model, this smart is 45% smaller than previous generations. It measures 2.83 inches in diameter and 1.81 inches in depth.

Many smart locks connect through Bluetooth to your smartphone, so you control the lock when you are close to it. When your mobile device is 656 feet from your home, the lock will lock or unlock if you have turned that functionality on.

Any farther away, and you need Wi-Fi, which is what makes this smart lock standout. The built-in WiFi means you don’t have to purchase August Connect, which served as a plug-in module for the previous generations of its smart lock.

When it comes to voice commands, automation, and scheduling, the smart lock works with Alexa, Google, and Siri. You can also assign virtual keys to other lock users like kids, the babysitter, friends who are house sitting, or house cleaners.  The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock also has a DoorSense sensor so you can know if the door has been left open or unlocked.

August App

The August app is available for download for iOS and Android devices like a smartphone or an Apple Watch. It helps with installation and tracking your home.

Security Features

August offers a secure environment that makes you feel confident that their smart locks will keep your home and family safe. The smart lock uses two-factor authentication when logging into your account and Bluetooth encryption, AES 128-bit, and TLS encryption for August’s mobile app.

You can disable your August app and all virtual keys at any time by using a unique desktop site if your phone is lost or stolen. Voice unlocking via the various virtual assistants requires a spoken PIN.

What’s To Like and What Could Be Better

One of the best aspects of this new smart lock is its smaller size. It’s streamlined and not bulky like some smart locks. Installation was quick and easy, taking me just under ten minutes to put it on my front door. Plus, it has smooth mechanics and provides the convenience of built-in WiFi and integration with Google, Alexa, and Siri.

However, what needs improvement is the battery life. That is because WiFi isn’t easy on batteries. In this case, the battery is supposed to last three to six months.  Battery life is dependent on the quality of your Wi-Fi connection.

If the lock needs to constantly reconnect to an access point or wake up, the battery life will get used up quickly. Battery life is also impacted by how often you lock and unlock your door. A two-pack of CR123s costs between $8 and $10. It’s a good idea to have some extra on-hand.

Where to Buy

You can buy the August Home WiFi smart lock on the company’s website.

Final Thoughts

Although it’s expensive and requires new batteries every six months, the August WiFi lock delivers convenience and reliability as well as a sleek, smaller design. It delivers on functionality and security more so than other smart locks.

The built-in WiFi, however, does save you money on needing to get an additional device, so keep that in mind. And, when you do the math, other smart locks that are now offering built-in WiFi cost just as much and require that you replace your entire deadbolt. The August Home WiFi Smart Lock is a good place to start with smart security devices.

Deanna Ritchie

Deanna Ritchie

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