BioBidet Prodigy Smart Toilet: Adding Tech to the Bathroom
November 15, 2020
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Thanks to Bio Bidet’s line of products, smart technology has arrived in the bathroom. This includes their latest offering, the Prodigy Smart Toilet.

About BioBidet

BioBidet is an industry leader in bathroom technology with a focus on sustainability through a reduction in water and paper use.

The Prodigy 770 Smart Toilet

The Prodigy 770 is a smart toilet that uses advanced technologies, including a motion-activated open and close lid and dual smart flush. The dual smart flush adjusts to your habits. As a result, it ensures that the amount of water used to flush is appropriate and not wasteful.

Bio Bidet Prodigy Smart Toilet review


Customizable Settings

The smart toilet also has an integrated self-cleaning bidet with customizable, remote controlled water and dryer settings. These settings include adjusting the amount of water pressure, seat and dryer temperature, and nozzle position. There is a wall-mountable remote to change and customize these settings.

Tankless Design

The smart toilet has a modern design that fits well with today’s bathroom fixtures and look. It has a tankless design so there are not really any space challenges even in the tightest of bathrooms. Since the toilet directly connects to the bathroom’s water supply, it is more efficient and requires minimal maintenance.

The toilet has been expanded along the front edges to increase the surface area of the seat, adding support and comfort.

Prodigy Smart Toilet Tankless Design

Other Features

There are other standout features, including a sensor-activated, in-bowl night light. It illuminates but doesn’t wake everyone up in the process. The toilet also has an integrated deodorizer, which draws in air and passes it through an ionized carbon filter, thereby eliminating bowl odors.

Pros and Cons

Since installation is always an issue for me, I liked that this one was so simple that I didn’t need to get a plumber to do it. Instead, myself and a friend figured it out in relatively quick time. It helps that there are downloadable installation and user manual on the company’s website, which are highly recommended to help you get it installed.

Other pros about this smart toilet are the comfort, customization, and conservation features. I honestly did not think this much thought could go into redesigning a toilet, but BioBidet has done it.

The only con is, of course, the price. Although the value and technology help justify the price, the reality is that not everyone can go in and start replacing the multiple toilets in their home at this price point. Some consumers may not even be able to afford one of these smart toilet-bidet combos.

Where to Buy

Priced at $2,399 and offered with a three-year a warranty, you can purchase it from the BioBidet website as well as online through Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Amazon. The Prodigy is also available at Costco for $1,499 (members only item).

Final Thoughts

I love smart products for this home, and this one is near the top in terms of what it can do to revolutionize one of the biggest consumers of water — the toilet. And, the company has found a way to create a smart design that fits in nearly every bathroom space yet offers a larger surface to sit on. From the customizable features and addition of their bidet technology to the smart components, this is a must-have smart product for your home.

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Deanna Ritchie

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