Covid-19 patients in India find support online
May 17, 2021
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by Arabella Seebaluck

Some Covid-19 patients in India have been struggling to get medical resources
India’s e-commerce company Snapdeal has launched an app to connect Covid-19 patients in India with potential plasma donors. The app is called Sanjeevani, named after the mythical magical herb mentioned in the Hindu epic, Ramayana.
Multiple companies in India have come up with apps and websites to help people in the country which is struggling against the second wave of the pandemic. 

Snapdeal said that it is taking advantage of its accessibility to rural areas in India. According to a statement released by the company, Covid-19 patients and donors can register themselves online and need to enter some medical details. The app’s search engine will them match potential donors with the patients.
Social media has become an important tool in India to help out Covid-19 patients with medication, hospital beds and even oxygen cylinders. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are being extensively used to circulate and amplify requests on behalf of patients.
Snapdeal isn’t the only company though. 

Ride hailing app Uber announced in March that it will give free rides to people getting vaccinated. Free rides were available in 34 cities. The app partnered with multiple NGOs to help underprivileged and seniors reach their vaccination centres. The company has pledged free rides worth Rs 10 crore in India.

Google has made modifications to its search feature to help Covid-19 patients in India. The search results will include information about the vaccine and vaccine centres, and multiple panels with accurate information about getting vaccinated, its side effects etc. The company is also working on a feature which will make it easier for people to locate oxygen cylinders, medical supplies close to them. This feature will be available through the Q&A section in Google Maps. 
Google has helped NGOs raise Rs 33 crore by holding a donation campaign to raise funds.  Google Pay has also developed a feature which shows organisations working to help people affected by Covid. Users can donate to these organisations using Google Pay.

Facebook has also announced it is working on a new feature to help fight misinformation in India about Covid-19. 
The company said in a statement, ‘We have developed six easy tips to fight COVID-19 misinformation. These tips will show up on Facebook through a series of creative adverts, and link out to a dedicated microsite, “’

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