DHL’s deliveries get greener with new electric trucks in Los Angeles
November 18, 2020
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An electric DHL class 8 truck on a bridge in Los Angeles
Enlarge / This BYD Class 8 truck, capable of hauling a combined 82,000 lbs, is yellow, but it’s also green.


DHL’s deliveries in the Los Angeles area are going to get a little greener in time for the holiday rush. The international courier company is deploying four Class 8 trucks to the city, built for it by BYD Motors, which it will use to haul cargo between its hub at Los Angeles International Airport and its local service centers.

“By implementing these electric trucks, we will prevent more than 300 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere per year, as we continue to grow and enhance our clean pick-up and delivery solutions,” said Greg Hewitt, CEO of DHL Express US.

“The introduction of these efficient electric trucks is a huge step forward, not only toward achieving our own clean transport goals, but also California’s ambitious goals on the adoption of zero-emission vehicles,” Hewitt said.

Although not every use of a heavy truck lends itself well to electrification, there’s no denying that for applications that involve short-haul routes like port drayage, school buses, and garbage collection, it’s a no-brainer.

Indeed, in the face of continuing inaction or even actively destructive policy at the federal level, the state is moving ahead with decarbonizing transportation within its borders. On Tuesday, the California Air Resources Board announced a new state-wide incentive called the California Clean Fuel Reward. Together with utility companies, CARB will give buyers of new battery-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid EVs up to $1,500, separate to any other state or federal incentives.

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