Foreo Luna 3: Men’s Sonic Beard Cleaning Solution
November 15, 2020
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Offering a new way to clean and soften beards, the Foreo Luna 3 for Men uses its patented T-Sonic pulsations for a deep facial clean. Priced at $199.99, the cleanser also works for those without facial hair as well as a pre-shaving tool device. This means any guy can benefit from this facial cleaning line from Foreo, a well-known Swedish manufacturer of facial cleaning devices for men and women.


To deliver on its cleaning promise, Foreo Luna 3 for Men offers 16 settings and 8,000 pulsations per minute. It uses bacteria-resistant, BPA/phthalate-free silicone bristles.

How to Use the Foreo Luna 3 for Men

For beard cleaning, face cleansing, and pre-shave mode, the process is the same. Dampen your beard or stubble with water and apply a cleanser of your choice. Then, dampen the device. Press the button to activate the cleansing mode and use circular motion across your face, chin, cheeks, and whiskers.

When you are done, simply hold the button for three seconds and the device will turn off. Then, rinse your face and dry it.

To use the device for face massaging to smooth those fine aging lines, use any anti-aging serum you prefer. Then, press the concentric ridges on the back of the device to your skin and glide it across your chin, cheeks, and forehead in an upward motion. When you finish, turn it off just as you do with cleaning and then add the moisturizer of your choice to your face.

What I Like Best

It works for all skin types, is easy to use, and gets my skin and facial cleaner than its ever felt before. As a gadget guy, I also like that it has a mobile app and Bluetooth connectivity.

Plus, unlike regular shavers, the device head never needs replacement, which adds further value. It also gets more than 650 uses before it needs recharging.

In the Box

The Foreo Luna 3 for Men comes with a charging cord, a carrying case, and QR codes that connect you to their app, instruction guide, and technical/customer support. The product also comes with a two-year warranty.

Where to Buy

The Foreo Luna 3 for Men is available on the company’s website. All orders will ship after October 1st.

Final Thoughts

No matter how little or much hair you have on your face, this is an ideal cleaning product for men’s facial skin. It works effectively and delivers good value for the price to keep facial hair and skin soft and supple. Plus, it does well at reducing those fine aging lines none of us want!

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