Google adds a new health hub and sleep tracking metrics to its Fit mobile apps
November 17, 2020
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Google has announced an update to its Fit mobile apps that will introduce a new centralized home screen of health-related information and more sleep tracking data. The updates, for both the Android and iOS versions of Google Fit, will start rolling out this week. Google is also adding new tiles to its Wear OS smartwatch app for workouts, weather, and breathing exercises.

The new features are very much in line with the most recent Google Fit redesign launched last year. But the new home screen brings some key data points like weekly goals, recent workouts, and health info like heart rate and weight trends more front and center. As for sleep tracking, Google says Wear OS devices and compatible smart home accessories like the Fossil Gen 5E, Oura Ring, and Withings sleep tracking mat can now sync data with the Fit app for tracking nightly activity and sleep stages, while the sleep tracking feature now lets you set goals for bedtime schedules.

Google says you’ll also be able to send stats, routes, and photos from your Google Fit workout journal entries via social media or messaging apps. And the redesigned Wear OS tiles will also make it easier to check the weather, start and stop guided breathing sessions, and launch recent workouts via shortcuts.

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