How to Find a PlayStation 5: Tips, Retailers, Stock Alerts, and More (Good Luck!)
February 8, 2021
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You can buy the PlayStation 5 directly from Sony or a range of major retailers. We don’t know exactly when new stock appears but rest assured there are more consoles on the way. Here are some of the main places to keep an eye on:

Tips to Boost Your Chances

Stock can drop without warning at any time, but you shouldn’t sit on websites refreshing the page endlessly in hopes of snagging a PS5. Here are some tips to boost your chances of securing one. And trust us, even if you follow our advice, it’s still a painful, aggravating process. You could have zero luck finding one. The best we can say is to be patient and keep trying. 

Sign Up: Sign up for accounts with Sony and every retailer you’re tracking. Input and save your credit card information so that you can check out faster if a PS5 does pop up. If you have a PS5 in your cart but fail to check out in time, then save it in your cart for the next time it comes into stock so you can check out faster.

Sony Direct Queue: Sony has a system where you can join a queue for a chance to buy a PS5. The good thing is there are measures in place to block scalper bots. You need a PSN account, and it’s a good idea to enter address and payment information ahead of time. Once you join the virtual queue you should get wait time estimates. Keep the browser window open, and do not be tempted to leave or you will lose your place. You may have to solve a captcha to prove you’re not a bot, so be ready. Unfortunately, there’s a chance you’ll wait only to be told it’s out of stock.

Twitter Stock Alerts: There are various accounts on Twitter that tweet when PS5 stock lands. Big retailers will also sometimes tweet from official accounts about restocks. You’ll need a Twitter account and the app on your phone. Once you have followed an account, tap on the bell icon to get alerts when they tweet. Just be aware you’ll get some spam and ads for other things from some accounts. Here are a few that may be worth following: @Wario64, @PS5RestockAlert, @PS5StockAlerts, @iloveps_5.

Consider Bundles: Some retailers mix new PlayStation 5 stock into bundles, selling the console with extra accessories or games. These bundles can be expensive, but if they include items you’re already planning to buy they might make sense for you. Bundles don’t tend to sell out as quickly or attract so many scalpers, so you have a better chance of snagging one before they’re all gone.

Stock Trackers: Various websites and services track PS5 console stock across a wide variety of retailers. Try Stock Informer, NowInStock, or the OctoShop Chrome Extension. You can sign up and get alerts on various channels with these stock trackers, but you’ll need to react quickly when an alert pops up, because a lot of people use them.

Be Persistent: If you know that a fresh batch of PS5 consoles has come onto the market, don’t be discouraged by out-of-stock notices. Many retailers will release fresh stock in waves throughout the day, so it can be worth checking back periodically. 

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