Liveblog: All the news from Apple’s November 10 “One More Thing” event
November 8, 2020
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The splash image for Apple's (probably) final event of 2020.
Enlarge / The splash image for Apple’s (probably) final event of 2020.

At 10:00am Pacific time (1pm Eastern) on Tuesday, November 10, Apple will hold yet another live event—the third in as many months—to announce new products. This time, the company is expected to reveal the first Macs that will replace Intel processors with Apple Silicon, the company’s in-house-designed ARM-based chips.

As with the prior two events, we’ll be liveblogging the proceedings right here. Just return to this page before the show starts to see all the updates from Cupertino.

The previous two events announced two new Apple Watch models, a new iPad, and four new iPhones, among other things. But the tagline for this event is “one more thing,” suggesting the focus will singularly be on Apple’s long-rumored, recently confirmed ARM transition.

We expect Apple to name the first Macs to get Apple Silicon chips and to price and date the launch of those Macs. We also expect the company to spend a fair amount of time talking up what it sees as the advantages of its new Mac chips—likely performance, battery life, machine-learning features, and the ability to natively run software from the vast iOS and iPadOS app stores.

Apple already addressed the community of Mac developers to some degree when it first made the formal Apple Silicon announcement at its annual developer conference in June, but we also expect to see the company spend at least a little time assuaging concerns and announcing further third-party software support for the chips.

There are many questions about Apple Silicon yet to be answered, so we’re hoping for more clarity next week. We’ll see if we get it.

Return here just before 1pm EST on Tuesday for all the updates, in any case.

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