Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety is Now !Important
November 16, 2020
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As much as technology has penetrated our daily lives, transforming it for the better, we cannot help but notice yet a constant anomaly. Pedestrian and cyclist accidents are still a problem even with all the traffic signs, marked pavements for pedestrians, and whatnot. Here is why pedestrian and cyclist safety is now !Important.

Accidents are caused by negligence.

It is proven that one-third of all pedestrian accidents are caused by the negligence of the driver behind the wheel. But that isn’t all. Unfortunate weather conditions also make it a problem for the driver to be aware of a pedestrian or a cyclist cycling on the pathway.

Then again, the unpredictable movements of a pedestrian can result in an accident that could be fatal.

What about autonomous vehicles?

Even with the advent of autonomous vehicles that takes advantage of emerging technology coupled with impressive features, it has not eliminated the risk of pedestrian and cyclist accidents.

Most autonomous vehicles are known to work poorly even with all the advanced detection features such as lidar, sonar, GPS, radar, and even cameras available. In split seconds, a pedestrian may just decide to cross the road without looking at the road for incoming vehicles. What about pedestrians that never lift their heads from their phones?

Who “wins” in a car and cyclist or pedestrian tug-o-war? The car.

In most cases, this ends badly for the driver and the cyclist or pedestrian. A shocking reality is this: in the world today, a record 250,000 pedestrian death occur every year. With the potential of that figure increased, there’s no better time to seek a permanent solution than the present.

What we did to help.

At the beginning of the month, the streets of San Francisco saw something different. Throughout the week, on select corners, intersections, we did our best by enlightening the people of pedestrian and cyclist accidents by displaying white bikes.

If you are in San Francisco and took the time to scan the QR code on every bike, you’d see the information of a pedestrian or a cyclist who regrettably gave up their lives on that spot as a result of vehicular accidents.

Within the last 5 years, over 100 persons have died, and these persons range from the young to the elderly. We cannot help but notice that while highways have been safer for drivers, it hasn’t been the case for non-vehicle users.

And that is why in line with campaigns such as Vision Zero aimed at preventing accidents, we—a team of concerned individuals—designed an app that helps make this vision a reality: !Important.

A new app to help is — !Important.

!Important is a brand-new app that is available on Android and iOS app stores with simplistic yet impressive features that is simple to understand for non-techy people.

All you have to do after installing and registering your details on the app, you will input your destination point in it. As you’re walking or cycling on the street, the app sends a signal to incoming vehicles that you’re nearby in order not to collide against you.

The car driver will be notified when pedestrian’s or cyclist’s are nearby.

This is an impressive feature that will help drivers experiencing a visual blockage or a bad weather condition to be notified of a pedestrian or cyclist nearby. And by so doing, will help prevent avoidable road accidents that occur.

The safety of pedestrians and cyclists is !Important, and it is of utmost importance that we all make this dream a reality by taking advantage of the usefulness of this app today.

Join us for a better and safer world.

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