PSA: Games Done Quick’s week-long all-women speedrunning event starts today
November 15, 2020
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Games Done Quick’s (GDQ) all-women speedrunning community, the Frame Fatales, will be hosting the Fleet Fatales event to raise money for charity this week. It kicks off today at 4PM ET on the Games Done Quick Twitch channel.

The schedule is live now, and there are some great runs to look forward to. I’m particularly interested the Hades run on Monday, the run for a game called McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventures for the Sega Genesis on Tuesday (no, I had never heard of that game until now, either, but here’s a video of it), the Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat run on Friday (Jungle Beat is the Donkey Kong platformer played with the GameCube’s bongo controller), and the The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time randomizer co-op run on Saturday (I have no idea how this run will work, but it sounds awesome).

Like other recent GDQ events, the Fleet Fatales event will be virtual due to the pandemic. The event will be raising money for Malala Fund, which works to improve access to education for girls. The Frame Fatales hosted the Frost Fatales event in February, which raised more than $54,000 for Malala Fund. (You can watch replays of runs from that event on YouTube.)

Fleet Fatales begins today, and takes place from 4PM to 12AM ET each day this week. The event ends on Saturday, November 21st.

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