Sonos offers discounts on new speakers for owners upgrading older models
November 11, 2020
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Sonos has launched a new Upgrade Program which offers discounts of up to 30 percent on new speakers if you own select older models, Android Central reports. It replaces the company’s previous Trade Up deal, which offered similar discounts, but the new program expands these to owners of slightly newer speakers like the Play:1 and and Play:3. Alongside it, Sonos has also announced that its Sonos Arc soundbar now supports multi-channel LPCM audio.

If you own one of the speakers listed below, Sonos will give you a discount of either 15 or 30 percent on the purchase of a new speaker. Importantly, old speakers do not have to be traded in, and can continue to be used, Sonos says. Eligible owners can sign into their Sonos account and select an eligible product to claim the discount. The discount can only be applied to a “single regular price product” (so no combining it with other deals), but it doesn’t expire so it can be saved for the future. Here’s a list of eligible products and their discounts, according to the Upgrade Program’s page:

  • Play:1 (2013) – 15 percent
  • Play:3 (2011) – 15 percent
  • Play:5 (Gen 1, 2009) – 30 percent
  • Connect:Amp (2005) – 30 percent
  • Connect (2006) – 30 percent

Android Central notes owners of the Sonos Bridge can also get 30 percent off a Sonos Boost.

The Upgrade Program replaces the company’s existing Trade Up program, which launched last year. However, the program generated controversy because of the company’s initial requirement that users manually brick their old device in order to get a discount on a new model. Sonos ditched this requirement in March, and it hasn’t returned for the new program. That means you can continue to use your old speaker even if you “Upgrade” it, or else resell it, gift it, or recycle it. Any new owner won’t be able to reclaim the upgrade program’s discount, however.

Alongside the Upgrade Program, the Sonos Arc soundbar now supports multi-channel LPCM through an eARC connection. This is an uncompressed audio format used by some games, Blu-Ray discs, and elsewhere. The update to enable the codec started rolling out yesterday, and can be installed via the Sonos S2 app.

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