Spider-Man: Miles Morales gets a new PS5 graphics option for 60 fps and ray-tracing
December 10, 2020
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Until today, Spider-Man: Miles Morales players on PlayStation 5 had to choose between playing with a steady 60 fps or with ray-tracing. Now they can have both.

A new update for the PS5 version of the open-world superhero game has added a “Performance RT” graphical option. Before, you had two choices. One would run the game at a steady 60 fps, but this wouldn’t include the impressive ray tracing that creates realistic lighting and reflections. The other would turn on ray tracing but force you to settle for 30 fps.

Performance RT is the best of both options, giving players that smooth framerate and ray tracing. It does this by reducing the resolution, so no 4K, and by lowering reflection quality and density of pedestrians. Although when playing this new graphics mode, I didn’t really notice any of those downsides. For me, Performance RT offered the best experience. The game ran smoothly and showed off those impressive ray-tracing features.

If you’re among the many who haven’t been able to get a PS5 yet, hopefully this helps you feel a bit better. By waiting — by choice or by necessity — you could be rewarded with a better experience than early adopters had at launch last month. As developers get more time to learn how to optimize their games for new hardware, their titles are only going to look better.

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