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November 27, 2020
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Spotify is currently down and experiencing a widespread outage, affecting countries across Europe and beyond. The music streaming service stopped working for many at around 4:15AM ET, and Spotify says it’s “looking into it.

Spotify outages are rare, and the last major one happened back in August after the company forgot to renew its TLS certificate. The service was down for an hour back then, but we’ve checked and the TLS certificate doesn’t appear to be the source of the issues this time around.

Spotify also experienced problems earlier this year during a broader Facebook iOS SDK problem. The app was crashing on mobile devices due to a Facebook iOS SDK bug, but today’s outage doesn’t appear to be related to any Facebook issues as it’s widespread across both desktop clients and mobile.

We’ve reached out to Spotify to comment further on today’s outage, and we’ll update you accordingly.

Update, November 27th 4:55AM ET: Article updated with Spotify comment.

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