The perfect gifts: 12 t-shirts for fans of Bitcoin, scientists, and retro games
October 21, 2020
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A funny shirt is an ideal holiday present for the person who is impossible to buy for or already has everything they want.

T-shirts are to jeans what comfortable clothes are to the new world of living at work, or working from home as some people describe it. Whether you need a holiday gift for a friend or colleague or just something funny to brighten your own day, this list of t-shirts can help with either goal. 

There are options for every individual for most of these t-shirts with sizes ranging from kids to 5XL to dozens of color choices to ordering the design on tank tops, fitted, traditional t-shirts, and even hoodies. Check out these holiday gift ideas that will please everyone from Marie Curie fans to retro gamers.


Designed by SimbaMerch, this t-shirt is a new twist on the “if u cAn r3aD th1s…” shirt that you may have in your closet already. 

$21 at Red Bubble


This humorous roundup of bitcoin data points provides a little perspective on cryptocurrency. This shirt comes in multiple sizes and colors.

$29 at Spreadshirt


The Hirsute History line on Amorphia Apparel honors scientists, writers, activists, and cool people from all walks of life by highlighting each person’s hairstyle. You can pick the color and fit of each shirt. You also have the option to add a caption to identify the individual or use just the hairstyle image and make people guess. Mathematician Ada Lovelace, the world’s first computer programmer, is one of many tech heroes you can pick from in this collection.


$19 at Amorphia Apparel


Another entry in the Hirsute Heroes series is Chien-Shiung Wu. This Chinese American physicist worked on the Manhattan Project and was an expert in the techniques of experimental physics and radioactivity.

$20 at Amorphia Apparel


This shirt is perfect for the scientist in your life or possibly the activist. This design also comes in kid sizes and or on a hoodie.

$20 at Snorg Tees


This gift is for all the OG gamers who remember the days of game cartridges. These shirts are designed and printed in Gainesville, FL, and you can get the design on two styles of tank top or a hoodie.

$6 at 6 Dollar Shirts


This year has been full of uncertainty, change, and fear. Marie Curie’s wisdom about how to move forward is a hopeful way to think about the new year that will be here soon: “Nothing in life is to be featured, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.”

$6 at 6 Dollar Designs


Museums are struggling to make up revenue lost to the COVID-19 shutdown, so visiting online gift stores is one way to support these community institutions. The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago has lots of science and tech gift items as well as this funny shirt about atoms.

$19 at Museum of Science and Industry


If you don’t recognize these NASA pioneers, you are behind the times and need to add Hidden Figures to your “watch next” list.

$20 at Teepublic


It takes a special set of skills to make a website user friendly. This t-shirt is a great recognition of your colleagues and friends who make that magic happen.

$29 at Spreadshirt

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