This may be our first look at Google’s new Android 12 OS
February 9, 2021
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A series of leaked images may offer a first look at Google’s Android 12 update. XDA-Developers has published screenshots from what is said to be from an “early draft” of documents Google distributes to Android partners. The screenshots, which XDA-Developers says haven’t been fully confirmed, include what appears to be new UI changes, alongside a new privacy indicator and conversation widget.

If accurate, the UI changes include an emphasis on rounded corners, with a reduction in the number of Quick Settings available from the unexpanded notification panel. Google also appears to be using a beige color scheme, which could be part of the rumored new native theme system for Android 12.

Android 12’s rumored conversations widget.
Image: XDA-Developers

Beyond the UI changes, the screenshots show a new privacy indicator that’s similar to what’s found in iOS. It acts as a warning in the status bar to show when an app is accessing the camera or microphone. XDA-Developers also reports there is an alleged overhaul of the privacy settings in Android 12, with the ability to fully toggle the camera and microphone on / off.

Other screenshots show what could be a new conversations widget for Android 12. It appears to surface recent messages and calls, and XDA-Developers claims it could be a “mandatory feature for all Android 12 devices.”

Google hasn’t officially confirmed any new UI or feature changes to Android 12 yet. The company has committed to making third-party app stores easier to use in Android 12, though. Google typically previews the upcoming version of Android in March. Last year, Google surprised everyone with an early Android 11 developer preview in February, so we could be just weeks away from seeing what’s in store for Android 12.

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