Today I learned you can turn off Reddit’s obnoxious app install pop-up with a simple checkbox
February 11, 2021
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My preferred way to surf Reddit is via the mobile website. It lets me quickly check a few of my favorite subreddits to see which posts are bubbling up. Since I’m not usually logged in, it helps me manage my screen time, too; you can only scroll down so far in comment threads until Reddit prompts you to enter your username and password. I take that as a sign that I’ve scrolled far enough and move on.

I have one big complaint with the mobile site, though: it constantly shoves a large banner into my face suggesting that I abandon all of that and install the app instead. Here’s a picture of that banner from my phone, which you may have seen before:

No, I don’t want to view the page in the app, thanks.

Typically, I just close the prompt to make it go away, but sooner or later, it reappears, requiring me to close it again and again and again. The cycle never ends — or so I thought.

Today, thanks to Android Police, I learned I can disable that pop-up forever. It’s actually very easy to turn off:

  • On Reddit’s mobile website, tap the three-line / hamburger menu at the top right of the screen
  • You’ll be shown a number of options. Tap “Settings” near the bottom.
  • Uncheck the box for “Ask To Open In App.” That’s it!

Uncheck the “Ask To Open In App” option to banish the banner.

This isn’t a new solution — TNW wrote about it back in November 2018 — and if you delete your browsing history or go to Reddit in incognito mode, you’ll have to turn the prompt off again. But thanks to this simple tweak, my mobile Reddit browsing experience has already changed for the better. I hope it can for you, too.

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